Get news about the Hong Kong Protest as it happens. Unbiased.
Get news about the Hong Kong Protest as it happens. Unbiased.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University – PolyU

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is a public research university located in Hung Hom, Hong Kong. The history of PolyU can be traced back to 1937. It became a fully accredited university in 1994 and is one of the government-funded degree-granting tertiary institutions.

PolyU consists of 8 facilities and schools, offering programmes covering applied science, business, construction, environment, engineering, social science, health, humanities, design, hotel and tourism management.

The university offers 220 postgraduate, undergraduate and sub-degree programmes for more than 32,000 students every year. It is the largest UGC-funded tertiary institution in terms of number of students. As of 2019, the university ranks 19th in Asia by THE, 8th in young universities, and 91st internationally by QS.

In November 2019, the university was occupied by protesters as part of the 2019 Hong Kong protests, confrontation with the Hong Kong Police Force occurred from 17 November to 19 November.

On November 16th, police attempted to enter the campus, but failed as protesters used road blocks and petrol bombs to attack them. The police then blocked all exits of the university campus and requested all protesters inside to surrender. On November 18, the protesters launched thousands of petrol bombs and the police returned with tear gas, rubber bullets, bean bags, and sponge grenades. The university has been described as being a battleground during the conflict. The university was later sealed off by police, only several protesters to escape. This resulted to a 3-days long stand off. More than 280 protesters were injured while more than 1,000 persons were arrested.

Source: Wikipedia

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