Get news about the Hong Kong Protest as it happens. Unbiased.
Get news about the Hong Kong Protest as it happens. Unbiased.

Claudia Mo

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Claudia Mo (born Mo Man-ching on 18 January 1957), also known as Claudia Bowring, is a Hong Kong journalist and politician, a member of the pan-democracy camp. She is a member of Legislative Council, representing the Kowloon West geographical constituency.

Mo is a founding member of the Civic Party in 2006. She first ran in the Kowloon West geographical constituency in the 2008 Legislative Council election but was unsuccessful.

In the 2012 election, she won one of the constituency’s five available seats. She ran with the slogan “Against Mainlandisation” which led to controversy within the party (Civic Party uses the slogan Against Communistisation). After her election, she was considered more pro-localist within the party. She formed the “HK First” with Neo Democrats’ Gary Fan to work on the localist agenda.

In the 2016 election, she was re-elected with the slogan of “self-determination”. She later quit the Civic Party on 14 November 2016, citing differences with the party on localism, filibuster and other issues. She said she would continue serving the legislature as an “independent democrat” under the label “HK First”.

Source: Wikipedia

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