Get news about the Hong Kong Protest as it happens. Unbiased.
Get news about the Hong Kong Protest as it happens. Unbiased.

2019 Yuen Long attack

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The 2019 Yuen Long attack was a mob attack that occurred on 21 July 2019 to 22 July 2019, in Yuen Long, Hong Kong.

On Sunday 21 July, the Civil Human Rights Front organised a protest from Causeway Bay to Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island, with black being the dress code again. Claiming to “defend” their homeland, the white-shirt mob warned all anti-extradition bill protesters not to set foot in Yuen Long.

A mob of over 100 armed men dressed in white indiscriminately attacked civilians on the streets and passengers in the Yuen Long MTR station including the elderly, children, black-clad protesters, journalists and lawmakers. At least 45 people were injured in the incident, including a pregnant woman. The attack happened following an anti-extradition bill protest in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong and was an act threatening the pro-democracy protesters who were returning home to Yuen Long.

Despite thousands of reports made to the 999 emergency hotline, the police did not arrive for more than 30 minutes and finally arrived one minute after the mob had left the station. No arrests were made that night. Many accused the police of failing to protect citizens from being attacked, with some even alleging that the police colluded with the mobs.

Source: Wikipedia

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