Get news about the Hong Kong Protest as it happens. Unbiased.
Get news about the Hong Kong Protest as it happens. Unbiased.

Coronavirus Storytellers Challenge China’s Official Narrative

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Coronavirus Storytellers Challenge China’s Official Narrative

"He has already passed," she said.

Chen’s posts and vlogs, or video blogs, garnered millions of views — and police attention.

In an anguished video post near the end of his first week in Wuhan, he said police had called him, wanting to know where he was, and questioned his parents.

"I am scared," he said. "I have the virus in front of me, and on my back, I have the legal and administrative power of China."

His voice trembling with emotion and tears welling in his eyes, he vowed to continue "as long as I am alive in this city." "Even death doesn’t scare me!" he said. "So you think I’m scared of the Communist Party?"

Last week, Chen’s posts dried up. His mother broke the silence with a video post in the small hours of Friday. She said Chen was unreachable and appealed for help in finding him.

Later that evening, his friend and well-known mixed martial artist Xu Xiaodong said in a live broadcast on YouTube that Chen had been forcibly quarantined for 14 days, considered the maximum incubation period for the virus. He said Chen had been healthy and showed no signs of infection.On Sunday, Xu tweeted that despite pleading with authorities for a call with Chen, he and others haven’t been able to get in touch. Police also came knocking last week for Fang Bin, who has been posting videos from Wuhan hospitals, including footage of body bags piled in a minibus, waiting to be carted to a crematorium.Fang, a […]

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